Much more than eyes can see
Starting from studying sociology in Poland, Monika Sobczak developed a diverse interest in societies and people, especially in their behavior. “They are influencing my work a lot” she states and focuses in her artistic processes on observing people in all kinds of life situations. “I get inspired by meeting or just seeing them, but mainly my inspiration is coming out of observations and talks I listen to”. The camera is a perfect tool for people that are not so talkative, as you can hide behind it. Monika Sobczak communicates with her camera and the photographs she takes. She tries to catch the moments that are telling by itself the story and is giving her silence back with the photographs she takes. “I became a photographer as this art form let me think out loud by creating images.”
Documenting live events is a logical step in her work. She documented various performance art events, theatre productions and as well street art projects the past years. The needed ‘third eye’ is visible and respected in her pictures: When you don’t look at the camera, she takes the picture.
Because she is pointing her camera at people, she consequently turns the camera around on herself. Self-portraits were her first experiences with photography and became during the past years a stable part in her photographic work. Taking pictures from herself closes the circle of communication by using the camera instead of spoken words.
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